With attractive apparel, you dress your brand for success! Today we focus on the imprint, the absolutely necessary part of cool garments. As much as people make of design and color theory, a lot of the “woohaa” depends on an interesting printing style, combined with special effects and attractive color combo.There are conventional mixtures of print, color, and design that people would generally agree to go great together. However, when it comes to creating a print, it is not always necessary to play by the rules. There are loads of other, less conventional options out there that are just waiting to make your outfits fresh and unique looking.

Here at Masaprint, we often feel the need to bend the rules a bit and use some of the less traditional color palettes and print effects for anything that decorates or covers. We feel like it brings that little something extra. After reading the text below, you’ll agree to agree.

In this blog, we will write about what colors in combination with what special effects we successfully used to draw attention and make people want to look twice. Keep reading about the unique combinations that worked well for us, and prepare to be inspired…

1. 3D Silver & Gold


We’ve seen this color combo countless times on different things, but we don’t see it as much on apparel.

If there was any worry that these colors don’t mix well though, the photo above should put that to rest.

This note imprint pulls off looking right on point while still adding shine and strangeness, making it distinct and refreshing without looking unpleasant.

2. Puffed Black & White & Red

Black and white are the most commonly used colors on the color wheel, and a lot of people recognize they pair well together.

As much as black and white provide balance to each other, sometimes they can make a boring combination.

On the other hand, when you pair black and white with a bright red and a puffed print, things change drastically.

Suddenly, you get the semi-retro, semi-rock and roll, and semi-street art sneakers print which makes for a loud, distinctive outlay. Love it!


3. Silver Blue Explosion

Special effects overload!

Trying to pair a lot of colors together can get tricky. But what about when you try to pair a lot of special effects together?

Apparently, you get an impressive tiger such as one the picture above. This combo is icy, bright, fun, and will be sure to stand out (in a good way).



Do you like what you see? Or you need something really special?

You imagine, we do. We specialize in wholesale of textiles and promotional items, as well as custom made products.

The finest quality of the final result, satisfied customers and exceeded expectations are our priorities.

Contact us with confidence!  At the end of the day, we are always looking for new challenges.


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