Apparel branding can strengthen the spirit of any type of group or society.

Through branded apparel, an organization enhances the sense of belonging of its members and enables better recognition for its activities throughout the community. This is why a lot of groups are looking for a great quality custom screen printed textile at a great price.

Where to find it? Well, we happen to know the answer…

Here at Masaprint, of course, the home of the custom decorated apparel, with awesomely printed hoodies and one of a kind custom-made T-shirts.

In case you just ran into us and don’t know anything about our company, we are a custom screen printing company, that does wholesale and delivers worldwide. Considering our new offer is here, this is definitely the right time to get in touch with us.

Why contact us, you are wondering?

Because from now on, we can offer you even better terms for services that include apparel like T-shirts and hoodies.

This is the deal:

  1. In order to optimize the offer to your needs, we reduced the minimum order quantities to 25 pieces while we kept wholesale prices.
  2. We can offer you a wide assortment (T-shirts, hats, jackets, caps, handbags, and more) with your own, individual custom print.
  3. We give you various, high-quality printing possibilities that can emphasize and highlight the strength of your indoors, labels and groups.
  4. And last but not least, we can make really short delivery times.

Why work with us anyhow, you are wondering?

Firstly, because we can offer you all in one place – a full range of services and solutions – from design and sampling to printing, finishing, packaging, and logistics.

Secondly, because we are completely about you! We start each project by finding out how we can help you best, and then is our turn to give you something special! According to your specification, we can design something original for all styles and budgets! We will help you choose the best technique for your design application as well as choosing color, position and print size! Do not worry, your order will always arrive on time whether we ship it to your warehouse or your order is split and distributed directly to your customers around the world.

And thirdly, in our effort to create the best customer experience and keeping customers coming back to our business again and again, we let our quality and service to go hand in hand. We are a perfect mixture of garment quality, screen printing quality, speed, price, garment selection, ease, art services provided, and shipping costs.  We help you choose the best custom printed hoodies for your custom apparel needs, and we never fail to meet your needs.

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