Masaprint made a fundamental choice: doing business that endures over the time sustainably, looking at the long term, focusing about how we achieve our results, not just about the results we are committed to achieving every day.

We consistently chose one unique approach for all of our business partners, internally and externally, investing in capabilities to sustain our business for the future, to lead our industry, to preserve our Croatian tradition, to trustingly work with our partners, suppliers and vendors, to transmit our expertise, to protect our brands, to be always committed to our product, the people, the planet.

Masaprint cooperates with business partners in more than 20 Countries across the world under the same, unique business conduct that is solidly spread as a culture all across the globe.

Masaprint’s Worldwide Business Conduct Manual defines the fundamental standards for the Masaprint’s business conduct and it states that – “The needs of the business can never be used to justify acts contrary to the requirements of the law”.

For all the above-mentioned reasons and more, we are happy to share our EcoVadis Client’s sustainability initiative score with you.

EcoVadis Client’s sustainability initiative rated us in relation to environmental protection, labor and human rights, ethics and sustainable procurement.

EcoVadis Client has specific score requirements for the company’s CSR performance. We decided to publish MASAPRINT D.O.O. CSR scorecard results on our platform. We want you to be able to check it out, plus we are happy with the final result…

Our results met their expectations – MASAPRINT has obtained a great score awarded as a BRONZE recognition level!



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