Today you will find it hard to find a wardrobe that does not have at least one t-shirt.

The future of the t-shirt is great. It is a great fashion detail, a basic piece of clothing but also a walking jumbo poster. New innovative printing technologies make it possible to turn any type of shirt into a brand new product.


Before starting a t-shirt business, analyze the market needs and your financial capabilities. In any case, investing in a good web portal will make it easier for your partners to order, and you will reduce administrative tasks. If you have the option of independent design and a good selection of ready-made templates inside the website, you will save on the design of the product for the customer.


A large selection of available technologies makes it possible for a wide circle of individuals to enter into the t-shirt making business. Successful entrepreneurs are aware of the importance of adjusting their products to the market in order to remain competitive. If you are in the fashion industry, special colors or an attractive print will give your product added value. We can offer you the ideal deal. Using our technologies, screen print and transfer print, your product will be much more attractive than your competition.  With technology like InnoPrinter (UK) (the semi-automatic, 4 color transfer press, with innovative roll feed technology achieving over 500 prints per hour) we got you covered! Now it is up to you to create completely unique shirts that are useful for various purposes: promotions, sports events, souvenirs, celebrations and more.


Our techniques will enable you to quickly deliver quality prints. With Masaprint as your partner, we can offer you both warehousing and shipping, so you are not limited to selling in the neighborhood. Your order will always arrive on time whether we ship it to your warehouse or your order is split and distributed directly to your customers around the world.  The combination of good web software and fast delivery of t-shirts in quality prints of more than one copy will surely open the market to a large number of future loyal customers!

Contact us for more details and find out how we can cooperate.

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