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Promotion can be delicious, even if you are not a part of the food industry.

Besides, during the approaching holiday season, promotion SHOULD be delicious.

We would like to present to you a different, fresh marketing idea that can help you increase sale, promote your trade products and advertise your company.

Lead, dare, stand out, be different – and choose small portion packs along the way.

This is a unique, custom-made promotional weapon we know your customers and partners will enjoy.


Snacky promo idea

You can choose your desired taste between these delightful combinations:


Salt packaging – Various sorts of nuts and peanuts, mixtures of nuts, roasted salted seeds, spicy peanuts, and spicy corn.

Chocolate packaging – Nuts in milk, dark chocolate, white chocolate, dried fruits in milk, candied dried fruits, and candied peanuts.

Healthy packaging – Raw nuts, peanuts roasted without oil and salt, dried fruits, and different kinds of seeds.


Snacky custom design

Did you know that, from now on, you can create your own promo snacks design?

Depending on your intentions, desires, and goals you can transform your individual, unique idea into your own, unique design. How cool is that?

For the design, you can choose your logo or brand name. Your branding is 100% visible and noticeable on a very nice, small pack which definitely stands out from other marketing products.

This is an excellent marketing tool to choose if you want to reward your loyal customers. Besides, tasty snacks can be a great way to get on the good side of your potential new customers.


Packaging Sizes

Small portion packs used for promotional snacks are beautiful, simple and made of high-quality, remarkably practical bags.

They stand out as promotional gifts (especially during the holiday season) and make an awesome refreshment with a glass of drink.

Small portion packs are available in various sizes. You can pick the dimension of bags according to your personal/company taste.

For example, if you desire, you can choose between 8g, 10g, 20g, 50g, or 100g packs of peanuts.

Furthermore, you are able to choose a different package from quantity to packing, like promo snacks with hang slot, promo snacks chain, promo snacks mono packaging…

Regarding your needs, we can advise you about the most appropriate packing.


So many delicious options are only here so you could take the one that accommodates you the most.

As always, we are here to practice what we preach, so we are already designing our own custom-made branded snacky package…

What do you think yours will look like?


If you are ready to find out, contact us HERE!

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